Naveen Jann's Exclusive pics

Naveen Jan is one of the sweetest babes of our mainstream news media…

Hailing from ARY OneWorld, this graceful, refined and charming lady has a certain attitude and elegance in her style. Her hotness appeals the male creed more than any other news anchor in Pakistan. There are Asma Shirazi and Asma Choudhary, both fantastic babes, but they lack the style and modishness which Naveen Jan possesses.

Can you recall that room, behind the newscaster’s back, with lot of televisions and a monitoring team??? Yes, you got it right. Now have you ever witnessed Naveen Jan walking, talking or standing in that room while some other newscaster is on camera?

Well the smart and hot Naveen still catches my attention even when she is not DIRECTLY on camera (and is in the room behind the newscaster’s back). It’s when we get to know how hot does she look. She is seldom seen wearing eastern dresses and mostly the heavenly curves of her body are clad in skin fitting jeans which accentuate every “Important” curvy charm of this bold hottie.

On the festive occasion of Eid, she was there for some treat to the desperate youth of Pakistan, as a special day rightly deserved some special treatment… ;) She was on the entertainment channel of her group ARY and was looking so ravishing, lovely, cute and **** that I had to stick to my seat in front of TV. I even skipped going out with my friends.

Watch out yourself and treat your eyes with a very rare feat where Naveen Jan is wearing a tight fitting shalwar qameez.

And guess what??? She was smiling and laughing a lot as well.

As mentioned above, this evening she defied her own rules for which she is famed…

Thank you Naveen Jan, for feasting our eyes with your tempting charisma and ensnare.